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How to recover my EasyVR?
If you want to recover your EasyVR to "factory state" or you own an EasyVR with the wrong Firmware or corrupted memory, you can follow the Firmware Update procedure. Please have a look at the latest EasyVR User Manual

a. If you own an EasyVR Shield, place the Jumper to the UP position.
b. If you have an EasyVR 3 Module, connect a QuickUSB cable to the PROG connector (J7)
c. If you have an EasyVR 2 Module, you can use the DevKit as a programming adapter
d. If you have an EasyVR, but you don't have a QuickUSB or EasyVR DevKit, you can connect a serial adapter and pull the pin XM high

Then perform the following steps:

1. Connect the USB cable of your Arduino board (or the USB-to-serial converter if you don’t have a shield version, then turn the EasyVR3 module on)
2. Open the EasyVR Commander and select menu Help->Update firmware…
3. Browse to the EasyVR Commander installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\VeeaR\EasyVR Commander")
4. Choose the file "EasyVR3_FW_RevX.EVRFW", where X is the Firmware revision (EasyVR2 firmware is also available)
5. Click “Download” and wait until completion

At the end you may connect the EasyVR Commander the usual way (move the Shield Jumper to the correct position for your board, or leave XM pin floating) and check if the recovery process was successful. 
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