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How can I make a quick test to make sure EasyVR/VRbot is working?
Because EasyVR/VRbot has no status LEDs it can be sometimes difficult to determine if it is working. Our recommendation is that you use a Terminal program to interact with the module in real time.

- If you have a USB to TTL UART serial adapter (one that works at 5V), connect EasyVR/VRbot to the USB to TTL UART serial board (connect all pins of EasyVR/VRbot to the USB to TTL board, including Vcc and Gnd; remember RX goes to TX and TX goes to RX).
- If you don't have a board such as the above, (1) connect EasyVR/VRbot to your platform (Robonova, Arduino, etc) and (2) download the bridge program to the platform. Once you download the bridge program, (3) start the program.
- On the PC open the Terminal program and connect to the COM port where the USB2TTL is connected (or the COM port of your platform with where the bridge program is running if you chose this solution).
- Connection details: 9600bps, 8 bit data, No parity, 1 Stop bit, no flow control.
- Now test the communication:
- Press lowercase “x” on your keyboard: you should receive a reply. Repeat the procedure several times: if EasyVR/VRbot replies “w” or “x”, it means it is working properly. Please note that it is normal that you don't see the characters you type. If you want to see the characters you type, enable an option called "Local Echo".
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