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I get the error: "A easyVRshield/bridge device has been found, but the bridge software is not responding or it is outdated"
The error you get could be due to: 1) You are trying to connect EasyVR Commander with the jumper on SW position but you didn’t first upload to your Arduino a sketch with “Bridge” functionality – any example provided with the EasyVR Arduino Library have this functionality as well as the code generated by the EasyVR Commander; 2) The soldering you have done to install the EasyVR module on top of the Shield adapter is not perfect, please double check it. If you have doubts you can re-do the soldering following one of the tutorials available on-line (example 1
example 2 ) Please note that all areas marked in red in the following pictures must be well soldered:
Please note also that the strips must be inserted from the bottom side and soldered on the top side of the EasyVR 3 module, as in the following picture:

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