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Vehicle tracking

We offer GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker development boards and IoT platforms – Polaris and OpenTracker. While both are 100% Arduino compatible, and open source, Polaris is also Python programmable.

Polaris and OpenTracker are designed with features like geofencing, real-time tracking, analog sensors, external commands, audio, and SMS.

The hardware is pre-programmed and able to send tracking data right out of the box; you will only need the SIM card and to register the device on our online tracking software.

Voice recognition solutions

We also design and develop custom voice recognition applications. As the sole design house of Sensory in Europe, we design electronic boards for embedded voice recognition, speaker dependent and speaker independent, in the most common languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, etc.). Whether it’s a toy, a domestic appliance, a vehicle or a robot, if you want to speak to them, talk to us!

IoT and Industry 4.0 applications

We design and develop electronic boards for IoT and industry 4.0 tailored to your requirements, taking care of the hardware side, from the circuit schematics to production files; and the software side, from defining the specifications to the final debugging of the firmware.

Using the most advanced CAD and software development tools, we support you from concept to completion of the first samples and final mass production. For samples and productions, we can assemble circuit boards very quickly and support clients in large-scale production if necessary, with specialist out-sourcing in Italy or abroad.

Robot Solutions

We also design and manufacture service robots and innovative automation solutions tailored to your needs, taking care of every stage of development, within our sister company – Robotech. With our skills and expertise, we can develop any kind of prototype in a very short time, from toys to more complex robots, using also rapid 3D prototyping or mechanical workshops.

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Speech Recognition

High quality and cost effective solutions for embedding voice recognition and speech playback capabilities for any application.

Open IoT Platform

IoT development boards, designed for remote logging and Cloud applications. Excellent as GPS/GLONASS vehicle trackers.


The QuickUSB is an USB-to-UART adapter cable, easy to use and supported on all the major operating systems.


Contact us if you want us to create a custom vehicle tracker, to embed a voice recognition system to your device, or if you need a customizes robot solution.